世界最高峰のサマーフェスティバル in エジプト!この夏は7/7〜15日の日程と決まりました!





AWS Festival from 4 till 12  of July 2018 ( 8 amazing dance days!!!! )

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival takes place in Cairo, Egypt every year at the amazing 5 star Mena House Hotel with the awe inspiring Pyramids as a backdrop to your exciting dance holiday .   In brief, we are  one of the biggest belly dance festivals in the world and you will have the opportunity to  meet dancers from all over the globe. You can share knowledge and experiences with other dancers and study with a variety of instructors with styles ranging from classical oriental to folklore, Turkish and Khaleegy and many more styles.
The festival is created for all levels of experience starting from beginners to intermediate, to professional dancers and teachers as well. We welcome you to choose the instructors you would like to study with and the style of dance you would like to learn.
In addition, we have an amazing souk and bazaar with famous belly dance costume designers all in one place. We are proud to offer you these designers under one roof including  Raqia Hassan,  Fouad Serkis, Hanan Mamdouh , Mamdouh Salama , Nabil Fekry and many more.
We also have an amazing belly dance competition with wonderful judges and extravagant rewards for the winner .
The competition is based on technique and feeling in relation to the  music, and is not based solely on being a professional dancer. You are welcome to perform with live band or CD.
To add to your experience we have open dancing every night where you can perform on stage with a CD or live band from Egypt. This is an experience not to be missed for all dancers!
Festival dates 4 till 12of July  2018
For hotel and prices please Contact operator@aws-travel.com
Please note that our TEACHER list can be updated every few days and more teachers can be added or replaced.
Also, please note that for each event you should request an updated teachers list, as not all teachers are available for all events.

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