Ruth先生のZumba 〜ズンバ〜クラスが10月からスタートしましたよ♡

【毎週金曜日19:30〜20:30】Every Fridays from 7:30-8:30pm 


お問い合わせ ご予約は 迄



I had a feeling I’d be attending the morning Zumba class alone today. And as such, I was well prepared for my other purpose in this life. To challenge you to morning exercises starting with Saturday. You laugh. I get it, sleeping in, is great! But what if exercising became a part of your Saturday routine. During the week we tend to have excuses as to why we can’t exercise. And starting out is one if the hardest things to do but once you’ve began your fitness journey, and are determined, the rest is easy. I’m saying that I’ll be right there with you. And for the next 3 Saturdays, it’s free anyway, so all you’ve got to do is get up and get moving! That said, I got time to exercise, reflect, take some photos and videos of me exercising. It wasn’t all lost. Not even close! If you’ve read this update to the end, my message has been received and I am successful in planting the seed. Because everything begins with a thought. Come down next week from 8:00-9:00am, if not for you, do it for charity!


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